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Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.. Our experience in the sport of shooting allows us to identify opportunities forimprovements to equipment currently available on the market.  Our design and manufacturing skills allow us to create innovative solutions. We have several more products in development and online for purchase.  All of our products have been designed and tested.  We are confident you will find them as beneficial as we did. 


A premium 2-stage trigger/hammer for the Beretta ARX-100 platform, featuring a Murano Glass Break for an Italian Rifle. Two stage trigger giving a predictable glass like break Includes replacement trigger spring, to control first stage trigger pull giving a 3lb first + 2lb second stage (5lb total pull) Macined from heat treated plate tool steel for superior metallurgy versus cast parts

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The NEW ShootingSight EBR Trigger to be released  in the next few weeks!  
Engineered Excellence
Beretta ARX-100 two-stage Trigger
EBR Triggers for M14 on left NEW SHOOTINGSIGHT EBR Trigger on right
Ultra hard/low friction surface coating allows lube free operation in dirty/tactical environments Polished and honed sear surfaces for butter-smooth pull Patent Pending rubber coating on trigger bow provides slip resistance and preserves touch sensitivity to trigger finger by insulating from thermal extremes in hot or cold climates Fits both ARX-100 and ARX-160 in 7.62 Drop in parts can be installed in minutes (gunsmith installation recommended)  No adjustment needed No modifications needed
Priced at   $215.00
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