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Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.. Our experience in the sport of shooting allows us to identify opportunities for improvements to equipment currently available on the market.  Our design and manufacturing skills allow us to create innovative solutions. We have several more products in development and online for purchase.  All of our products have been designed and tested.  We are confident you will find them as beneficial as we did. 
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Engineered Excellence
The first true 2-stage trigger pack for the IWI Tavor rifle.  The Tavor is a superb rifle, with excellent design, ergonomics, fit/finish.  ShootingSight has designed the ideal trigger to go with it.  In choosing the best trigger for a battle rifle, we took a cue from the greatest battle rifle ever devised: the M1 Garand.  The M1 has a superb 2-stage trigger.  It is robust, but keeps the crispness and accuracy of a two-stage trigger pull.   The M1 concept was married with tool steel (delrin available), CNC machining, and aerospace surface coatings.  The result is the TAV-D, a 2-stage trigger which is robust, smooth, and crisp. Please see Further features in our Store Link above!
A Multi-tool custom built for the IWI Tavor.  Contains all the critical tools to maintain the rifle. Including: Barrel removal tool. Screwdriver to adjust the front sight windage. Phillips screwdriver to remove handguards. Hex wrenches to remove top and side rails. Awl to lift out spring pin in swivel. Hex bit socket to allow customized tips for any optics
Newest product at ShootingSight.com   The TAV-TOOL
The NEW ShootingSight TAV-D TRIGGER - Just drop it in and fire!  

Improve your Target Shooting with ShootingSight Products

NOW through December 31st

If you buy a ShootingSight Tavor trigger (Aluminum, Delrin, or LE), ShootingSight will include a FREE TavTool, a $45 value. When you place your order choose any ShootingSight Tavor trigger, add a TavTool to your order, and use the coupon code Thanks to receive a discount equivalent to the price of the TavTool. 
Engineered Excellence
Innovative Products