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Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the inspiration for the company is a group of competitive target shooters who have backgrounds in photography, engineering, design, and manufacturing.  The shooting skills of the group include 2 Distinguished rifle shooters, 2 High Masters, and 2 NRA instructors.  Our combined shooting experience spans smallbore, high-power rifle (1903, Garand, M-1A, and AR-15), Palma, Practical Pistol, Black Powder, Summer Biathlon (running and shooting, not skiing), trap, skeet, sporting clays, and potato cannons. Our experience in the sport of shooting allows us to identify opportunities for improvements to equipment currently available on the market.  Our design and manufacturing skills allow us to create innovative solutions. So far, we only have a few products for sale, however we have several more products in development.  All of our products have been designed and tested by ourselves, and we are confident you will find them as beneficial as we did. 
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